15 October 2007

Golden Gate Park

I visited the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park yesterday. I took this shot from the observation deck, overlooking the northern part of the bay. Yesterday and today have been sunny and cool (high in the 60s), so they were great days for strolling around the wild outdoors of the park. Golden Gate Park is basically the same rectangular shape as Central Park in New York, but turned on its side. Besides a few museums, the Conservatory of Flowers is there-- a Victorian age greenhouse. They were showing an exhibit on carnivorous plants there, and I got this pic of some venus flytraps:


Michael said...

Glad you got over there in one piece bro and looking forward to hearing all about San Fran and the new adventures of "Oh Aerodynamic One".

Melissa said...

Also kinda scary, how did your blog know my name?

Melissa said...

Woaaaaah I had no idea Venus Flytraps grew such huge clusters! That's almost scary.