11 October 2007

The View

Everywhere you walk in the city you end up seeing some amazing view. This picture is a block from my cousin Mary's place where I've been staying. This is pretty much a typical view. I can't imagine these kind of sights ever getting boring.

I think I have decided on finding a temporary place for right now and then finding a roommate. It is so much cheaper to get a roommate and that way I have time to really find out where in the city I want to live. My days so far have consisted mainly of me sitting around in cafes sipping tea, cappuccinos, or hot apple cider while surfing Craigslist to find somewhere to live.

In the early mornings (6am) my cousin and I walk for an hour or so through the streets and up hills. You don't even have to run to get a good workout if you are walking in a hilly part of town.

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