13 January 2008

The Dark Side

There are a lot of, um-- interesting people in the city. People that are mentally ill, angry drunks, harmless vagabonds, amateur street musicians, and even improvisational body artists who ride the bus making art along the way. But my encounters with those people don't really bother me and have never got under my skin like the meeting I had tonight. I think it comes down to me not being prepared for it. Yuck.

But besides weird encounters, though, I had a great time today hanging out with my second cousins Lily and Tom, who are really cute. We had lightsaber battles, complete with a Darth Vader helmet that changes your voice a few octaves lower and Vader-ifies it. Lily, who is five, put it on an did her best evil laugh, which becomes this really funny cackle when translated by the helmet. Here is Lily and my first-cousin-once-removed (we looked it up!) Mary locked in a vicious battle:

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Aaron! said...

How are you going to mention your especially disturbing "encounter" with an "interesting person" and not even say what happened? Don't leave a brother hanging!