01 July 2008

Pride Weekend

This weekend was San Francisco's Gay Pride festival, and I have never seen San Francisco so crazy. Every street was alive with people dancing and singing and eating and drinking and partying. The city converts the entire Civic Center neighborhood into one big block party, and since I live a few blocks from Civic Center, I couldn't help but wander through all the craziness and observe.

At the end of the event, the parade passed me and I got this shot of some of the hundreds of motorcycles:

On a rooftop, a DJ had set up music and people were dancing to his records:

The Opera House lit its lights that night in a rainbow in celebration:


Melissa said...

Ooooo! Opera bldg. looks so pretty, and it seems like the DJ is up to his old kicks ;) How many nakeds did I miss?

Kevin Albrecht said...

Too many to count!

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

i've never seen an opera house show its support for gays like that -- i like it! (Angela)