16 August 2008

New Apartment

We moved into our new apartment in North Beach, also known as San Francisco's Little Italy, last week. I will take some pictures of the neighborhood soon, but for now, here is our place. Excuse the mess, we are still unpacking and getting situated.

Our building. Our apartment does not face the street, but an inner courtyard on the back side of the building:

Hi! Come on in...

Here is my office nook in the bedroom:

More of the bedroom:

And a little more:

Here is the as of yet unfinished living room:

And our bright, inviting kitchen:

I am writing this sitting in this chair right now:

And the rest of our kitchen, right after a large lunch:

Hope you enjoyed the tour...


Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Congrats on your new place, you guys! I know we've been a little wrapped up in ourselves lately...it was nice catching up on your blog. Miss you both!

Jarred said...

Nice place! Cant wait to visit one day. I plan to buy V Drums when i go back to florida. So when you visit, bring your guitar and we will jam. Also, I can more easily send you drum tracks and now you play bass so we can do that internet band. it never workjed because i always had some excuse why i cant have acoustic drums or why I cant keep my vdrums with all of our moving. But, since there is an acoustic set here at school, I can get out my erge to play loud and still work on grooving at home and record tracks.