30 November 2008

Pacific Coast Trip, Part 2

I continued my road trip by driving to the beach, where dense fog gave the beach an eerie feel to it, which was uncannily beautiful:

Next I drove into the Redwood National Forest, where I encountered the unbelievably tall redwood trees:

If you have not seen these trees in person, you really can't fully comprehend how huge these are. Here is me (with a weird expression caught by my camera's auto-timer) standing completely inside a living tree, and this is not by any means one of the largest:

A little further on, I drove through the world famous drive-through tree:

After leaving the forest, I headed out into the wilderness on a dirt road. I spend nearly three hours on this road, seeing another human only once. The spectacular vastness of the Northern California wilderness is truly breathtaking:

After leaving the dirt road, I passed though a few more scenic valleys before hitting the highway to head home back to San Francisco:

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Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

One day we will make that trip ourselves. I would love to see the redwood forest and northern CA. We drove the PCH from SF south to L.A. a couple summers ago and it was spectacular! I only wish we were not in such a hurry. You should try that route sometime, too!