06 November 2010

Trip to Indonesia, Part 1: At Singapore's Airport

Before you do it, it is hard to imagine how long 18 hours on an airplane really is. I left San Francisco on Thursday afternoon on my way to Jakarta, Indonesia for a business trip, and by the time I reached my connection in Singapore, it was early morning on Saturday.

Orchid garden at Singapore's airport

Fern garden at Singapore's airport

Singapore Airlines has made this trip as pleasant as could be expected. They provide unlimited free movies on the flights, plus good meals, free beer and wine, and excellent customer service. I took full advantage of the free movies, and watched "Salt", "Knight and Day", "Killers", "Eclipse", "Dinner For Schmucks", and "L'Amour, c'est mieux a deux" ("The Perfect Date"). I started watching "Flickan som lekte med elden" ("The Girl Who Played With Fire"), but the sound cut out after 20 minutes, so I couldn't finish that.

Singaporean musicians playing at a cultural demonstration at the airport

When I finally arrived in Singapore, I stayed at a simple, but comfortable hotel in the airport, the Ambassador Transit Hotel. The funniest thing about the hotel was that everything at the hotel, including their logo, is written in Comic Sans. Singapore's airport is huge and really nice, complete with a movie theatre, video games, more restaurants than you can imagine, and best of all, free wifi, where I am writing this now. In a few hours, I head out to Jakarta, but until then, time to enjoy the airport!

Airport koi pond

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