18 November 2010

Trip to Indonesia, Part 9: Jakarta's Weather

In a lot of ways, staying here in Jakarta reminds me of my time living in Florida. In both places, the days are hot and humid. Rain storms are frequent and torrential. And just like Florida, most buildings here are over air-conditioned, forcing me and most other people to wear a jacket while indoors, while sweating when out.

A typical midday scene in Jakarta.

When I lived in Florida, I actually bought a space heater to use in my office so that I could be comfortable, and I wasn't the only one at my company to do so! Alas, I have no space heater here. But generally, the temperature and humidity are actually one of my favorite things about Jakarta, if only because it reminds me of Florida.

Mornings are particularly hazy.

But there are so many ways that make the environment here nothing like Florida. It is almost never sunny here. The combination of clouds and smog make nearly every day the same white haze. I'm not sure I've seen a patch of blue sky yet during my time in Jakarta. The smell of burning trash is a constant here, but I was surprised to find that some of the American expats here actually enjoy the smell.

One of the strangest things here is the complete lack of seasons. Because the island of Java is so close to the equator, the days are the same length year round, and the temperature doesn't fluctuate much. Basically, everyday of the year, the high is 90 degrees F and the low is 75 degrees F.

Jakarta has a strange blue tint to it. (Just kidding, I took this out of a tinted window!)

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