26 October 2007

Bruce Lee Versus the Superheroes

On Saturday I was hanging out in North Beach (the Italian area of town) with some Scandinavian (each to varying degrees) friends. (Man, that's a lot of parentheses!) Anyway, as we are looking for a nice cafe to eat at, we pass by Washington Square Park and encounter a huge game of capture the flag happening, but with the twist that the two sides are each dressed up as, respectively, Bruce Lee and superheroes. This is the kind of crazy thing that seems to almost be common place in San Francisco. Why not?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin
Love your blog... is it okay to
share with your Grandma???
Have really enjoyed reading about
your time in SF. Give Mary a big hug from me. We miss you here in
Florida. Having a really yucky,
rainy day today. My arm is now in
a velcro cast so I have an elbow again
Aunt Mary

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...