28 October 2007


I went to the sports bar in town that I've been watching all of the South Florida Bulls games in, but long story short, the game was not playing on ABC in San Francisco... it was regional coverage for Florida and New England only. And to top it off, they lost the game! It's a good thing I'm not into sports that much. (I keep telling myself that :)

After my non-watching of the game was over, I was walking past City Hall where the end of a anti-war protest was happening and snapped this photo. There were some musicians playing some songs, so I stood around for a few and listened. The protest atmosphere also seemed to bring out a lot of crazies, too. There were 9/11 conspiracy theorists, PETA vegan proselytizers (complete with photos of dead mutilated animals), and general far-far-far-left-wing demonstrators. At least it was entertaining!

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