21 October 2007

IKEA, Goodbye Hat, City Hall

Yesterday my friend Melissa and I took a trip to IKEA, the Swedish furniture store, to go shopping for stuff for both of our apartments, since we both are moving into our places this weekend. She got tons of stuff, including tables, chairs, dishes, utensils, etc., but I didn't find much stuff that seemed to really fit in my new place. IKEA is more aimed at the ultra-modern look, but my whole apartment has a very classic Victorian feel to it, so I think that look wouldn't fit very well. I did get a few things like a comforter, hangers, and a desk chair, though.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the multi-level maze of the store, I also lost my San Francisco Giants hat that I bought when I was visiting the city last month. Here is the last picture I took with the hat-- me standing in front of San Francisco's amazing City Hall, which is actually taller than the United States Capitol Building:

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