18 October 2007

My New Place

Today I went to the DMV and got my new California drivers license... next step will be signing up for either City CarShare or ZipCar. Both are services that allow you to rent a car for hours at a time, instead of the days at a time of traditional car rental companies. This seems to be the solution most people without a car in the city use. My cousin uses City CarShare and my friend Melissa uses ZipCar, so I'm not really sure which one to get, but it looks like City CarShare has a no cost trial period to start, so I might go with that.

In other news, I snapped this photo of my new place, the beige building in the center. My room is the bay window on the second floor, partially obscured by the tree.

1 comment:

patty1956 said...

everything sounds great! I would like to see some interior shots of your new place. Also, how is your new job?