03 November 2007

My Commute and First Play in the City

Here are two pictures of the sights during my commute home from work. I ride the N-Judah line, which is a subway half of the way, and above-ground light rail the other half. The thing that really makes this whole trip enjoyable is my iPod and podcasts, which for the uninitiated are basically radio programs that can be downloaded onto an iPod daily.

"Cupid's Span" Sculpture:

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge

Last night I saw a play at the American Conservatory Theater in downtown San Francisco called The Rainmaker. My boss gave me two free tickets that he had but wasn't able to use, so I got really good tickets in an amazingly beautiful theatre for free. My date and I were sitting in the fifth row and could see every single expression on the actors faces-- definitely one of the best plays I have seen.

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