31 October 2007


Tonight I experienced my first earthquake! I was sitting at my computer desk in my room, about to get up and get some food from a restaurant around the corner when I started to feel a rumble. At first I was thinking to myself that someone had their bass up way too loud, but then I realized that there was no music. I got a little scared and stood up, looked out my window, and everything on my street was shaking. The shaking got a little more violent and the house started creaking and the windows rattled. After about 10 seconds, everything stopped shaking and people started running out of their houses into the street, some yelling, a few crying, and almost everyone saying "was that an earthquake?".

My cell phone didn't work for about 10 minutes after the quake, but I was able to get online and instant message Daniel. The news says it was a 5.6 magnitude quake and no major damage has been reported, so all is good. All in all, an interesting and thankfully not too scary introduction to California earthquakes.

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