16 December 2007

Hit and Run!

I was walking from Japantown to a bus stop nearby tonight with my friend Melissa. Our bus was across the street, so we started to cross the intersection, following the walk signal. We are halfway across the intersection when an SUV runs into me and knocks me down. I crash into Melissa bringing her down too, and with her on the ground and me most of the way down, the car's back wheel runs over my foot. As I slowly start to get up and recover from the shock of the incident, the guy drives away. To be fair to him, I kind of gave him a little wave as I stood up, which I probably wouldn't have done if I had been totally with it. Thankfully, both Melissa and I are fine, but my foot has a light throbbing pain which I have a feeling will be worse tomorrow.

Hmm... I am wondering how long I will be scarred with an irrational fear of crossing the street? I definitely found myself freaking out a little bit walking the rest of the way home, and there was even a second where it looked like we might get run over again. Then again, maybe it's not so irrational!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, behold the intersection where our hit and run took place:

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Aaron Out East said...

Hey, I noticed that you posted 11 times in October, eight in November, and only five times in December. What's up with that? Don't stop posting, Kevin. This is so much more productive than a phone conversation.