02 January 2008

Taxicabs and Aliens

Taxicab drivers are interesting people in San Francisco. I try to avoid taxis as much as possible because of the high price (usually around $10 to get anywhere significant), but late at night when the buses run far apart, sometimes it is the only practical way to get around. During those times I have had to take one, I've met some very interesting drivers which make the trips fascinating:

Mr. Just-Nod-Your-Head -- This guy took me and my roommate to a watch a friend play basketball. He talked nonstop for the whole ride in the thickest West African accent you have ever heard. The only words we could make out were "stupid Jews" and "dumb Arabs".

Mr. Too-Much-Information -- He brought me home from buying a microwave at Best Buy and his idea of friendly conversation was going into the graphic details of his sex life. After everything he said, he would laugh uproariously and turn around and look at me for support, leaving me wondering who was driving. Thankfully it was only five minutes in the taxi!

Dr. McCrazy -- I rode with this guy tonight and he takes the prize for the craziest guy I've met in the City so far, and that is saying a lot. He explained to me how alien beings are controlling all of humanity using anthrax powder on our paper money. Not only that, but the minivan
in front of us was monitoring our conversation because the government and the aliens are trying to keep track of his movements. The rest of the country is also working with a group called the Syndicate preparing the way for more anthrax powder. He warned me to be careful if I want to avoid becoming part of the Syndicate as I was getting out of the car, and I wished him good luck.

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