28 January 2008

Things Repeating Themselves

Remember how Melissa and I got hit by a car last month? It happened in Japantown, on the corner of Geary and Laguna. Well today we were on Laguna again (this time at Union) and guess what? Nearly hit again. We have decided that whenever we are crossing Laguna in the future, there will be flares, trumpets, and jumping up and down involved.

The scene of the (almost) crime:

Next weekend, I am going to participate in what is sure to spark a new annual tradition throughout the nation: our first annual Groundhog Day party. I'll be partying on Treasure Island, which is a little man-made islet in San Francisco, at friends Samantha and Eric's house. The party comes complete with a custom t-shirt design by two graphic designer friends and winter and spring themed drink specials. And it wouldn't be complete without Bill Murray's Groundhog Day playing on a loop in the background.

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