02 February 2008

Wake Up Woodchuck-Chuckers, It's Groundhog Day!

Today is my new favoritest holiday, Groundhog Day! I am going to my friends Eric and Samantha's house for our first annual Groundhog Day Party. Samantha and Melissa designed a t-shirt for the party and we are having two bartenders: one for winter drinks and one for spring drinks.

I also just finished reading three Kurt Vonnegut books in a row, namely: Cat's Cradle, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, and Slaughterhouse-Five. I really like reading Vonnegut, but he is definitely cynical. I seem to see the world the same way he does: without some great meaning, lacking free-will, and humans being a relatively unimportant part of it. But it seems he takes these beliefs in a generally pessimistic direction, while I see these things (maybe with the exception of no free-will) as being freeing and exciting.

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