19 February 2008

My Eclectic Home

Everywhere I go in the city I try to bring my camera and take snapshots of some of the strange and wonderful things there are to see.

Nearly every corner in my neighborhood has a little portrait of Barack Obama painted on it. I've never seen anyone running for president so admired before. It seems like no one has a negative opinion of him, at least in San Francisco. Is he this loved everywhere else?

The roads are filled with cars painted and decorated in strange and wonderful ways, like this minvan covered in a model of a city, though not San Francisco:

I was walking along Market Street when a streetcar passed by that I had never seen before. At first Melissa and I thought it was a new streetcar, but according to the Muni website, it haas been in the city since 2005. Strange because I thought I recognized all the cars. This one is a gift from Z├╝rich, Switzerland:

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