10 February 2008

If The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, Why Is It Warm Out?

So the world's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow last week, predicting six more weeks of winter. We celebrated by throwing an awesome two-day Groundhog/Superbowl party (as previously mentioned). Highlights of the party included...

Gratuitous picture-taking:

Awesome t-shirts designed by Samantha and Melissa (left and center, below):

And general hanging out, snacking, and enjoyment of the most exciting Superbowl in recent memory:

We also watched Bill Murray's Groundhog Day movie three times in a row (including once in Portuguese). I think it likely that Phil is not such a good weatherman now, because this weekend has been amazingly warm. Today was bright and sunny outside, and it got up to 63 degrees... the warmest it has been here since October! It was so nice, a couple friends and I hung out on the sidewalk most of the day knitting, making t-shirts, and snacking:

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