14 August 2009

Swedish Honeymoon, Day 3: First Day in Stockholm

Events of July 14, 2009

The sun rose at 2:30 am, waking me up for a while. Eventually, I was able to get back to sleep, and when we woke up for good around 9 am, we headed off to Stockholm via the commuter rail.

Our first picture in Stockholm, just outside of the Opera house:

We walked through downtown Stockholm and eventually ended up on Drottningsgatan, a street with lots of shops and cafes. There we found one of our favorite places in Stockholm, "The Coffee Place", a little coffee shop with free wi-fi, which proved to be invaluable for making phone calls using Skype on Melissa's iPod Touch. This trip really taught us how versatile and powerful that little device is. Besides making phone calls around the world, we could play games, check email, send tweets to Twitter and Facebook, and surf the internet.

Because Melissa traveled to Sweden with only a Swedish passport, we realized that to get back to America without getting a visa, she would need to get an American passport. So we tracked down the US embassy and asked how to get a replacement passport. They told us to come back tomorrow at 9 am.

We tried going to the Vasa Museum, but it was packed, so we went to the Nordic Museum instead. The Nordic Museum is a huge museum in an amazing building that is all about Swedish culture, with displays about music, art, furniture design, and many other things.

The exterior of the Nordic Museum:

A wooden sculpture in the Nordic Museum of King Gustav I Vasa:

The interior of the Nordic Museum:

After the Nordic Museum, we went on a boat tour around the island of Djurgården. Stockholm is built on a series of islands and is frequently called the Venice of the North, so hanging out near the water seems to be one of the best ways to see the city.

As we were waiting for the boat to leave on the tour, we saw the "Håbo Buss," which sounds like "hobo bus":

Me on the tour boat:

A house on Djurgården:

Another house on Djurgården:

The tallest structure in Stockholm (which we never visited):

After the boat tour, we headed to Gamla Stan (the Old City). Gamla Stan is full of ancient buildings and tiny alleys:

Another small street in Gamla Stan:

And an alley with little shops:

In one of the big squares in Gamla Stan, right across from the Black Sheep restaurant where we ate a delicious meal. All communication with the servers was in Swedish until they saw my American credit card, then they wouldn't stop speaking English :)

Another beautiful square in Gamla Stan:

Melissa posing in Gamla Stan next to the famous statue of Evert Taube (he wrote the song that Melissa and her father danced to at the wedding):

A tiny, winding staircase down an alley in Gamla Stan:

The houses of Gamla Stan:

A tourist street buzzing with shops in Gamla Stan:

After leaving Gamla Stan, we headed back to the house we were staying at in Tumba and settled down for the night.

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