09 August 2009

Swedish Honeymoon, Day 2: Arrival

Events of July 13, 2009

We arrived at Arlanda Airport outside of Stockholm at around 3:00 PM local time, or 15:00, as they write in Sweden. Melissa's cousin, Andreas, was very kind and offered to let us stay at his flat in a suburb of Stockholm called Tumba. So once we deplaned, we took the express train from the airport to Stockholm's central train station and then took the pendelt├ąg (commuter rail) to Tumba.

Andreas' apartment is just a few minutes walk from the Tumba train station, and is just next door to a mall of sorts called Tumba Centrum. We were so tired after our flight that we decided to just go straight to sleep after eating dinner. We went to the grocery store in the mall and bought frozen pizza which we gobbled up and then tried to go to sleep. The sun didn't set until 10:30 PM, but I was tired enough that I feel asleep quickly anyway.

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