02 August 2009

Wedding Day!

Melissa and I got married on July 11th in Alexandria, Virginia in the beautiful Lorien Hotel in Old Town. The courtyard in front of the hotel served as a meeting place as everyone gathered for the pre-wedding and wedding events:

We lost the marriage license the day of the wedding, and of course, panic ensued. After two hours of scouring the hotel, we gave up the search. Thankfully, we later found out that we could simply get a new copy from the courthouse and file that, so the marriage is official!

We asked Melissa's uncle, Brian, an actor of stage and screen, to perform the ceremony for us, but due to Virginia law, he could only marry us if he was a minister. So Brian joined the ministry of the Universal Life Church and we had a minister! We had the wedding itself in a vined courtyard inside the hotel which gave the wedding pictures a great backdrop:

At the moment we were officially married, I sent out a tweet to inform the world of the glorious occasion.

The reception was great, and featured the bride and groom dancing to music by William Shatner, group singing by Swedes and Danes, and a comic interlude brought to us by our best man and maid of honor, Jarred and Angela.

The cake was a very unique Scandinavian dessert called the kransekake:

Stay tuned next time for the beginning of our honeymoon in Sweden...
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Robin said...

I saw it happen! It was glorious!

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

congrats-a-mundo! and velkommen back!