05 August 2009

Swedish Honeymoon, Day 1: The Flight There

Events of July 12, 2009

After our successful and beautiful wedding in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia the previous day, Melissa and I headed to Dulles airport to fly to Sweden for our honeymoon. Just three hours before our flight was scheduled to leave, Melissa realized that she had left her US passport in back home in San Francisco! After a few minutes of complete panic, we realized that because she was dual citizen, she could use her Swedish passport to leave the country. But the Swedish passport was over an hour’s drive away at her parent’s house.

The passport:

She frantically called her parents, trying to get them to bring the Swedish passport from their house to the airport, but they were watching a play in a theater and were not answering their phones. Thankfully, her brother soon answered his phone and headed over to the house to find the passport. But once he got there he realized that he didn’t have a key to the house, so he was forced to break in through a window. After a few minutes of looking, he rushed to the airport and we were able to leave on the next flight.

We both settled in relief as we finally sat down on the airplane and could look forward to our trip. British Airways charged us a large fee for moving to the next flight, but in exchange, they bumped us up to Business class, so our seats were extra large and they had footrests. I had so much leg room! I had never been so comfortable flying before.

Our comfortable seats in British Airway's "World Traveller Plus" class:

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Martha said...

So glad we got to spend Thursday evening with you & Melissa in San Francisco...love the wedding photos. Hope you can come for either Christmas or Boat Parade Weekend...Hugs